DNA Engineering Services

Animal / Mouse model
  • Conditional knock-out – To analyse the function of a gene
  • Exchange of exons – To humanize the animal model
  • Point mutations – To analyze the effect of SNPs
  • Reporter fusions – To analyze the expression pattern of a gene
  • Promoter fusions – Expression of a cDNA from a tissue specific promoter
  • Fusion proteins – SNAP-tag for detection, localization and affinity purification
You provide the name of the gene to be targeted; we supply the targeting vector according to your specifications.

Modifications of the E.coli chromosome

  • Knock-out / interruption of chromosomal genes
  • Knock-out / removal of chromosomal genes
  • Exchange of chromosomal genes
  • Replacement of a chromosomal promoter

miRNA Research Services

  • Gene Expression Profiling biochips include custom microarrays on your selected genes and their alternative isoforms, whole libraries of human, mouse, rat, and other species, and subsets of genes for expression research. We design and manufacture microarrays, perform experiments, and send you the final reports.
  • Genome Alteration Analysis provides genome alteration analyses including polymorphism genotyping (such as SNPs and STRs), genome organization, gene amplifications and losses, genome rearrangements. We provide full services from custom designing and performing experiments to sending you the final reports.
  • Custom microarrays provide a maximal flexibility for individuals to design their own arrays. You provide probe chemicals and we help to build arrays with the quality controls. Or you can simply provide sequences and we help to design and build the arrays.
  • Target Preparation We perform target preparations, such as isolation and purification of genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA, and RNA from tissue, culture, and microbes.
  • Target Gene Amplification, Quantitation, and Labelling We provide services for gene amplification, product quantitation and target labelling.

Protein & Antibody Microarray Services

  • Complete Antibody Array Assay Services Send your samples to us, and we will perform complete antibody array assays on any of our antibody microarrays. This cost-effective service allows researchers to analyze control and treated samples against hundreds of antibodies quickly and efficiently. Our assay service is convenient and offers quick turnaround and reliable results, saving your time and resources.
  • Array Scanning and Image Analyses Services If you do not have access to a microarray scanner, you can send the finished slides to our lab for scanning and analysis.
  • Custom Array Design and Services We design and perform protein based custom assays. If you wish to analyze samples using the microarray format, contact us and we will design a series of experiments meeting your requirements. Custom Array Printing Services Our high-quality custom printing service is designed to meet your special microarray needs.

Antibodies and Recombinant Protein Production Services

Contract Manufacturing of Monoclonal Antibodies: Fast and Obliging cultivation and manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies from the hybridoma cell lines.

Contract Manufacturing Of Recombinant Proteins: The signified amounts of correctly folded, fully processed and functionally active recombinant tool proteins and preclinical materials by using Transient Transfection Technology from the stable cell lines from the customers.